The expression "Meia-Valsinha", attributed to the title of this CD, comes from a peculiar mark of Brinco d'Oito: the dancers, placed vis-a-vis, gave the right hand, leaving the left side down. Often, the Little Waltz, also served to mark step until the marker ordered a new marking. The Brinco d'oito is par excellence the ex-libris of folklore sung and danced by Rochão. Coming from the old gangs, and being a contradiction, its British influence is likely, because in Camacha many Englishmen built their farms and lived there from the 18th century. The people of Rochão and Camacha have left us an important legacy in ethno-folkloric terms. In fact, since the Brinco d'Oito, a true contradiction, even the Viuvinha - possibly a Moorish ... when dancing squatting, among other ballets and cantigas, there is no doubt about the importance of this intangible heritage that we can, via Research and dissemination, preserve it. Thus, thanks to the appearance of groups of folklore organized from the beginning of the 20th century, it was possible to perpetuate these customs and customs. The Rochão Folklore Group, founded on 17 - 12-1986 by Alexandre Rodrigues, together with a group of folklore aficionados, is the result of a phenomenon of the eighties, that is, the proliferation of folklore groups in Madeira. This group is born from the split with another group already existing in Camacha. Thus, from its founding, the motto was: "Collect, research, preserve and disseminate: from the outset the boldness to resolve certain myths that had become a status quo, as is the case with uniformed groups, once That the group has started since 1992 to undertake a rigorous study on: songs, ballets, clothing, traditional games, etc., trying to portray the Rochão / Camacha society as faithfully as possible since the end of the 20th century. XVIII until the beginning of the 20th century. From the curriculum of this group stand out: exchanges at national and international level, with participation in different Folklore Festivals; The realization since 1990 of the National Folklore Festival, which in 1997 became International; Conducting of colloquiums, conferences; Exhibitions and recovery of customs and customs. We thank the people who directly or indirectly collaborated in this project, which, in fact, have not been very peaceful, since in Camacha the existence of a group of folklore is very troubled ...



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